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If you use smartphone or laptop, then you need to setup Wi-Fi in your home. Because using internet becomes enjoying with the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi or WLAN lets you establish wireless internet. You can keep your Wi-Fi network safe with enabling some option. WLAN is the most update feature and it has become popular for the service. Other wireless internet connection is very expensive but the Wi-Fi internet is not expensive rather than it is cheaper compare to other wireless internet. Many users prefer to use mobile operator based internet. Because it is easy to move but now you will free Wi-Fi in many places.

Now you need to use a networking device which is called router. A router is used for making connection with all computers and other wireless devices through the Wi-Fi. There are various types of routers available in the market but you will find that home and small area based office routers are very popular and used most. You need a good device which will perform well and give you good response. When you use a router, then you can connect multiple devices with it through the Wi-Fi or the wireless internet connection. With a router, you can connect with two connections at least.

In a router box, you will get all necessary things which are important. The router is a networking device which need to use but before anything else you should learn about the configuration and settings. In the router box, you will get manual and some papers. Those things carry instructions and many vital information. You should pay attention on those things. You need to read all of the papers and read the manual to know detail about the router configuration and setting the router for Wi-Fi. Everything what you need will find in the router box.  D-Link router is very popular router.

Now you have to pay attention on the router configuration and setting. This is why, all of the users need to read the manual and papers where you will get guideline. With the router box, you will Ethernet and power cables which you need to use connect with the router and computer. After configuration the router with computer properly, you need to think of the router internal settings. For routers settings, you need to use some data which are default IP address, username and password. Behind the router or in the router box, you will get all of those login detail.

When you need to setup in the router internally, you need to use default IP address, username and password. From your computer, open any browser and on the browser address bar, you need to use the default IP address In the next step when you press on the Enter button, a form will appear where you have to use username and password. After pressing the Enter button again, you will be logged in to the router control application. Now you can setup internet in the router and setup security.

The administrator can change the IP address and setup all settings in the router. Everything is easy and if you just read the router manual. Because all of the manufactures of the routers setup all necessary instruction in the manual. The default IP address is very unique IP address. This IP address can be changed from the router control panel and it is necessary to change the IP address when the IP address confliction problem occurs. Until, you fix this problem, you cannot use internet and Wi-Fi also does not work. You need to maintain the rules when you change the IP address. IP address confliction problem occurs when similar IP address run in many networking devices.

The IP address is a special IP address and it is second IP address of IP address series. This IP address is setup as default and it is setup by the manufacturer of the router. The third IP address from this series is The IP address series starts from to Netgear and D-Link routers use same IP address for few models of the router. However, the IP address can be automatically assigned by the router from to The DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol can take the IP address from the router.

In the IP address, there is no option for different things except the numbers and dots in the IP address. See the IP address and in this IP address there is nothing except the numbers and dots. You cannot use different things in the IP address for forming. Many users try to use different things like letter, symbols or space in the IP address. So, that IP address does not work and that IP address does not produce any necessary thing. You cannot get any good response with the false IP address.

For changing the IP address, you have to give attention on the IP address type or class. You cannot use any IP address from different classes. If your router use IP address, then it is IP address from class C. Now replace another IP address which must be chosen from the same IP address class. In every IP address classes have IP address range and that IP address range starts from the to After setting an IP address in the router, you need to save it.

You can easily identify the router and computer connection problem. For this reason, you need to use that IP address what has been using in the router. If your router uses different IP address, then you need to use that with the ping command. Ping command does not work alone and you need to use that IP address what is used in your router.  The command of ping will be written as “ping” and “ping -t”. You will type any of those commands on the command prompt page. When you press Enter button from the command prompt page, then you will get report and you can identify the problem of the router or computer.

Now read the manual if you have not read it yet. Because reading the manual is very important thing than visiting any website. A router manual provides full instructions about that router. After reading the manual of the router, you can visit any other website to gain knowledge. You should know about the troubleshooting chapter of the routers from the router manual. Because you may face all facilities if you read the manual and solve problems from the router if you just read manuals properly.